The Arab School of Radiology (ASOR) is an organization founded by the Pan Arab Association of Radiological Societies, dedicated to the advancement and continuing education of Radiology Professionals throughout the Arab World.

ASOR aims to support local Arab Radiological Societies in delivering continuing education programs tailored to the specific needs of each society’s constituents. Accordingly ASOR shall develop educational programs to be delivered through various mediums with the intent of supporting the evolution of radiology standards throughout the Arab world along three defined levels of competence:

• Supporting the establishment of local self-sufficiency in the training and development of general radiology professionals;

• Promoting local specialization within radiology;

• Promoting local radiology research.

ASOR shall exploit all mediums in reaching its constituents throughout the Arab world with a strong preference and reliance on the organization of educational workshops versus lectures and the opening up of access to progressively innovative and effective online educational solutions.

ASOR shall fund its efforts and subsidize its programs through ASOR membership, donations, sponsorships and the contribution of time and effort of radiology professionals throughout the Arab world.

ASOR shall leverage all resources within the extended community of local and expatriate radiology professionals in order to create a strong common educational organization and platform capable of attaining the critical scale required to better command support from existing Radiology Societies from throughout the world as well as donor agencies and private sponsors looking to create the highest impact through their contributions.

The continual advancement of radiology standards throughout the Arab world.