BIR Congress

22-23 Oct, 2014

This year the BIR Annual Congress will cover a broad range of topics, including infectious diseases, cardiac imaging, imaging of the aorta, pulmonary diseases, MSK, neuroimaging, GI radiology and a special session with presentations from the industry regarding the development of the hardware, software and chemicals that we use in our daily routine.

Every session starts with a special lecture covering the historical perspectives of the topics or diseases covered in the subsequent lectures. We have selected outstanding speakers who will guide you through a journey from the early discoveries and concepts, to the modern knowledge and to the predicted future of diagnosis and treatment or technology on each topic.

By the end of this BIR Annual Congress you will have learnt not only technical information that may help with your daily activities, but also many other interesting historical aspects, which may trigger new research ideas on each of those subjects.

Meet Congress Director, Dr Klaus Irion who explains the objectives for the day in an interview about his role.

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